XM transparent.png

Crossmedia is an independent full service communications planning and media services agency with offices in NYC, Philadelphia, LA and international offices in Germany.  Their transparency is what separates them from other agencies. After helping to create a client reel for a business pitch back in 2016, XM invited us to NYC to help share the XM story and where the vision of the company is taking them. Other projects include recruitment tools for new employees and a recap/year in review video for 2016.

RB transparent.png

Some of our closest friends come from the Red Bull family. We work closely with Consumer Collecting, Sales & Distribution, Internal Communications, and Sports Marketing teams to develop and produce content that fits their needs.  Red Bull encapsulates our passion for high energy and fun loving people eager for anything life has to offer.  Projects include content for marketing campaigns, story clips for event recaps and internal news broadcasts.

one bar transparent.png

One Brands are the proud creators of ONE Bars, a protein bar that packs 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar into a delicious snack/breakfast/meal replacement or whatever you need. One is another health and fitness brand we have added to our Friends! Projects include event recaps, social edits and photo galleries.

goaliesmith transparent.png

Goaliesmith is a nationwide training source for goalies and goalie coaches. We offer our services in the form of overnight training camps, offseason training sessions and online video content. On the field, Goaliesmith events are structured to get results for each individual goalie by focusing on new training material, competition amongst the best goalies, and a unique approach to performing consistently in the goal. Projects include a full length instructional film, social edits for marketing campaigns

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AdvicePeriod is an SEC-registered investment advisor dedicated to focusing clients on the important decisions necessary to manage their wealth. By combining actionable planning advice with objective investment guidance, we strive to enable clients to achieve their financial goals and shape their legacy for generations to come. This is how wealth management is going to evolve. Projects include a culture video, social edits and Wealth Management broadcasts.


Operation Gratitude is a non-profit that makes care packages for our veterans, active/deployed military and first responders. They are on a mission to forge a strong bond between Americans and Active Military/First Responders. Projects include event recaps and social edits.