Sup y'all!
It's me, #NewGuy, 805 lover, Red Bull connoisseur , otherwise known as Max!
This past summer, Connor and Andrew invited me out to LA to join the FF team. My time in LA was meant to be spent working on video projects, networking, and making memories. It did all of that and much more.

Going into my senior year, I wanted to utilize this trip to help me further my connections to make my goal job come true.

This summer made me realize that career paths change. Goals and dreams can come into your head one day, and leave the next. You may want to work somewhere one day, live somewhere one day and the next you make a 180 degree turn and do the complete opposite.

Connor and Andrew's philosophy of #MovingForeword, taught me that as long as you are CONSTANTLY moving foreword, always taking a step in the direction of your dreams, then everything will work itself out.

I took those two words to heart. I spent my entire winter break travelling and thinking, always filming and capturing memories along the way.

I found that life isn't about planning years in advance or even days, it's about each day having a plan of how you'll further yourself. Each day, do something to get closer to your dreams. Each day, do more than the previous. Life is about moving foreword, and never stopping.

I wanted to make a video that captured the idea of moving foreword. But I wasn't really sure how. Connor had posed this idea to me a few months ago, and I really had no direction. So I thought, show how YOU, how Max, moves foreword everyday. This is a story about me, my summer, my travels and how I constantly am moving foreword.