#MovingForeword 1 - Foreword Moving Day

What better way to start a blog series about moving Foreword than an article about Foreword moving...?

Sunday, July 31st marked our last day in Santa Monica, as Foreword Films newest HQ will be in El Segundo, CA for the foreseeable future.  Our search for a new home was a lengthy process but considering we got the exact place we wanted, it was worth the stress and countless hours rifling through Craigslist, Trulia and the other listing sites.  Our Dad always taught us to be patient when looking for something you want, whether it be a house, bike, or a piece of gum.  He always told us to never go with the first option that we see.  Well, we didn’t listen to him this time as we fell in love with this spot and it just so happened to be the first place we went to check out.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy as we didn’t settle on the property until weeks later, when time was winding down on our search. 

The place was out of our budget, period. While we loved the house, we simply couldn’t afford the first couple asking prices, so we had to back off and look for something else.  After a scuffle with an agent in Redondo Beach, where we were basically offered dibs on a place and then didn’t get it, we decided to check back in with our the landlord and see what she could do.   Maybe it was our persistence, maybe it was our good looks, maybe it was our ambition, but realistically, it was definitely the fact that she was about to have two babies emerge from her that made her bring the price down to a number we were comfortable with. We were quick to pull the trigger. 

Watching our Dad negotiate for all those years paid off.  His one line constantly ran through our heads during the whole process, “Keep your emotions out of it,” and that’s exactly what we did.  It was a cool feeling opening up that email and seeing that our asking price was confirmed. Finally, a place we could call our own and set up a workspace for Foreword Films.  A comfy 2 bedroom, 1 bath spot a mile and a half from the beach and a ten minute walk to a beautiful downtown with shops, restaurants and local breweries.  This is home now.