48 hours

By: Max Goldberg

Adventure: engage in exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory.  

To me, adventuring is the essence of traveling.  Exploring new places, meeting new people, creating new memories.  I jump at every chance to go somewhere new, to get on a plane, to go on a road trip.  I get bogged down very easily, I feel trapped in structure, I strive to seek discomfort in everyday life.  So, when Connor asked Andrew and I to go with him to San Francisco my first thought was to make it a little adventure on the way back. 

We spent two days in San Francisco celebrating a friends birthday, seeing some new sights, and Connor getting thrown around in some storm surf.  

Connor hopped on a plane to Miami, Andrew took the driver’s seat, and I turned my phone off.  

Andrew and I had a very loose plan for this mini road trip.  We knew a few spots where we wanted to go, didn’t have any campsites, and barely had enough food to get through #NewGuy’s snack obsession.  

Stop #1: Maverick’s

I grew up surfing, so going from seeing this incredible spot on the movie screens to in person was awesome.  No waves, but I let my imagination run on how it’d look with 50 foot waves rolling in. 

Stop #2: Davenport

People live here? Small town vibes outside of Santa Cruz, no time to waste though, Santa Cruz was the first big stop.  

Stop #3: Santa Cruz

Got some coffee, a new skate deck from the original Santa Cruz Board Room, and set up shop on the beach.  

We found an open slot at a near by campsite, set up our tent there, and headed back to the beach for sunset.  

I wasn’t happy with the cliff side spots we were at, so I told Andrew to step on it.  We drove back North a few miles until we found this little dirt pull off.  I ran towards the cliff.  When I got to the edge, I found a spot to sit just on the edge.  Under me, an untouched beach just outside of Santa Cruz.  With a gorgeous view of the sunset.  Mission accomplished.  

Stop #4:  Monterey

Our favorite coffee shop from the trip was in Monterey.  This little music studio/coffee shop run by other travelers and creators like us, was the perfect vibe.  No such thing as rest though, time to hit the most anticipated spot of the trip, Morro Bay.  

Stop #5: Morro Bay 

All the talk about Morro Bay doesn’t do it justice.  Something about the town, the rock, the bay, the beach….it all comes together to form a perfect place.  Most definitely the favorite stop of the trip and a great way to end it. 


For my first road trip in California, I’d say this was a great success.  48 hours spent driving down the 1, nothing better than that.  

#NewGuy’s overarching lesson learned on this trip? Traveling is about gaining a different perspective, learning from others, and appreciating the beauty of life.  Life gets crazy and hectic, and it’s important to change perspectives.