Bravery in being vulnerable..

Hi, my name is Lyndsey Munoz. This story is my coming out journey that I decided to publicize to the Internet on my lacrosse goalie training blog. There are so many aspects that unfolded during this process, including my hesitation to share it with the world in the first place. So I guess I’ll start with that why. I have come to believe that my “why” in life is to help people, especially those that are struggling. I remember when I was in the closet, I just wanted so badly to talk through everything that was going on in my head, to find someone that could relate to me. Even before that happened though, I had to admit it to myself, and that was a huge struggle. I wanted to share my story for any other girl, or boy, like me that just needed someone to relate to, to feel like they were normal. I also wanted to help people that might not understand what it’s like, to gain some insight and weed out some misconceptions about the coming out process. 

The full blog post that I shared can be found here

After I posted this, the amount of support I received from parents of girls that I coached, from my peers that said they wished their younger self could’ve read that, to young girls that felt similarly and just wanted someone to talk to. To hear all of those responses was nearly breathtaking. I didn’t anticipate that kind of response at all. I’m not really sure what I anticipated, but it was not all of that. 

There wasn’t any tangible negatives from putting this story out, maybe internally others changed their perception of me, but there was no better feeling knowing I could be my true self no matter where I was. That I didn’t have to correct anyone or deal with the awkward requests of ,”do you have a boyfriend?”. For some of my players, I was the first out coach they ever had, and some asked genuine questions that I think will help them in their future to understanding others.

I learned as I continue to learn, that being vulnerable and revealing your true self is magical. Every time I get scared to open up and share a piece of myself with others, I push through, and am lifted up with acceptance and appreciation for being “real”. This means the world to me, and I hope to show others that they are capable of being loved for their true selves as well. Personally, I feel that I’ve been able to connect with more people, because I have been vulnerable, they feel as though they can do the same with me. Not only has this helped with my personal relationships, but with the girls I coach as well. My hope is that this progress continues and that as a society we continue to value being ourselves and see the bravery in being vulnerable, not weakness.