#MovingForeword 14 - A Leap of Faith

Written by: Molly Taylor

If someone had told me when I was a little girl, “You are going to run your own business one day.” I’m sure I would have given them my polite, shy smile, averted my eyes down to the ground and in my innermost thoughts would have given them a virtual eye roll and thought to myself,  “Yeah right, what’s that fool talking about?!”

Flash forward to December of 2015 and that someone would have been right! At that time I was toying with the idea of trying to figure out a job that I could do from home and still be available for my main job – that of being the CEO of the Taylor Household – consisting of 1 hunky husband and 2 gorgeous girls.

The choices at hand were – become a personal trainer and my husband, who’s in the biz, could be my mentor or become a digital marketer with the help of another mentor. The first choice was appealing as we have a gym here at home and the commute would take about 2 seconds. But I was looking for a shorter commute, like a nanosecond.

All kidding aside, I made a list of all the pros and cons of both careers and found that my heart and soul was really leaning toward digital marketing. On January 5, 2016 I wrote an email to Andrew, the kind soul who said he’d teach me all about this world, telling him I was super scared and ready to take the leap and start Taylor Digital Marketing.

This month marks the 1st anniversary of having my own business. And I’m super proud and super stoked to say that what I set out to do is actually working – helping small businesses navigate the ever-changing digital realm.

Things haven’t always been easy and it is difficult running your own business- there’s no guaranteed paycheck, you work a ton of hours, it takes a lot of organization, hustle, motivation and determination. Believe me, there have been days where I break down and want to quit and go back to being a full-time mom, but I know that I need to be a positive example for my girls. And fortunately those bad days are overshadowed by the fun days where I get the satisfaction of knowing that I had a hand in helping another business succeed with their goals.