#MovingForeword 4 - East meets West

Written by: Maddy Morrissey 

This is a story of East meets West.  It all began with a quick 32 hour long road trip from North Carolina to Southern California with a now ex-boyfriend.  With plans to move up to Portland, OR, who could have predicted that I would fall in love with LA’s sun, sand, and surf (mind you I am still incapable of surfing).  While my relationship with said boy was draining, the SoCal life style was addicting and I could not bring myself to continue my journey up to the Pacific North West.  To strengthen my resolve to stay, I found a job coaching lacrosse in Santa Monica, CA.  Not only was I doing what I love, but I became fast friends with the girl who helped hire me, beginning what I hope to be a life long friendship.  I had the job, I had the friends, now all I needed was a home base.  Three months of searching and being told my 32 lb. dog was “too big” I stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist for a room for rent in Manhattan Beach, CA.  Once again I found something that became so much more.  Being so far from my family in Upstate New York, I moved into a welcoming home with a mother and daughter who truly treat me as one of the family.  Our quirky living situation is perfect for our laid back kooky three-some!  FINALLY the stars had aligned and I could shake off the stress of an unhealthy relationship.  I often reflect on the crazy events that led to where I am today and although some were trying, I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Another amazing human I met through all of this not only became my best friend, but also stole my heart.  If I had not stayed in California I would not have started working for the Santa Monica Dragons, where I then met Coach Connor Buss (yes this is his website).  He keeps me looking “foreword” towards endless adventures and I could not be more proud of him (and his brother Andrew).  Coaching for the Dragons also gave me an opportunity to help a previous player who I coached at Elon University in North Carolina.  Not only is she now my best friend, she also fell in love with SoCal and plans on moving out after graduating this Spring 2017.  Needless to say the experiences and friends that I have gained along the way far outnumber the hard times and regrets I could have held on to. 

I am now coming up on my one-year “Caliversary”, a year filled with amazing people, food (trucks), beach days, hikes, lacrosse games, and all around adventures.  This East Coast girl highly recommends this West Coast life style.  Every story should have a lesson to highlight; mine would have to be persevere with positivity, and do not let the negativity of others weigh you down.  Our time here on this planet is precious, and we should live our lives to the fullest every day.

Some parting words of wisdom for those of you stuck in a rut (also my quote of choice)… “Just keep swimming…” -Dori