#MovingForeword 3 - It takes a village...

Written by: Jake Casey

My name is Jake Casey, and I just finished something that I never ACTUALLY thought I could pull off.   I created a pilot for a TV show.

When I say that I created a pilot, that's not the whole truth. It's not even most of the truth.  Sure, I did a lot.  I wrote it, starred in it and casted for it, but I quickly figured out that it takes a village.  Yeah – I started this.  But there is zero chance in hell that I, by myself, could have made this happen.  Sure, one man shows do exist…  But how often are they actually any good?

So let's break down that village, and learn about the real stars of this show.  First, I had two friends, Connor and Andrew Buss, drive up from LA to film.  Another friend, Chris Boan, flew up from Tucson to assist with production.   Finally, there was the countless number of friends up here in Seattle that committed their time, and acting abilities, to make this happen.

Once we wrapped up filming, my gratitude for these people was all I could think about. I couldn't believe that they'd worked so hard to help me accomplish something so special.   What drives someone to dedicate hours of their time to accomplish something?  For me, it was a selfish desire: I wanted to make a pilot for a TV show.  That answer was easy, but what about everyone else involved?  What drove them?  I’d like to think that they believed in it – and maybe they did. And if they didn't believe in it, I'd like to think it's because they know I would do the same for them. 

For anyone out there who's looking to do something special, something different, I have one piece of advice for you: don’t try to do it alone.  You have friends and family out there – get them involved, and let them share in your path to glory.  In 50 years, this show probably won’t be of much significance to most. It will, however, be forever significant to me. Not only because I was able to watch my ideas become reality, but because I had the support of dozens of my friends. And I'd like to think we had some pretty unforgettable experiences along the way. 

Don’t be afraid to share your dreams and aspirations with the people in your life.  The only reason that so many people had a chance to get involved is because I took a chance and shared mine with them.  Some people think it’s lame to have hopes and dreams.  I think those people are probably pretty lame, and not people that you need in your life.