#MovingForeword 2 - Gives You Wings...

Red Bull Gives You Wings, at least that’s what they tell us, but over the last 3 years, we’ve discovered how much more they can offer.  They’ve given us memories, friendships, opportunities, and a new foreword to our story.  We have had the pleasure of working closely with multiple teams within the brand and with each project we are given the opportunity to hear somebody’s story and of course, share ours in return.  Each encounter offers us a chance to extend our foreword and this weekend was no different.  WEBU, or the West Business Unit, held their annual Flight School training for Red Bull’s Student Brand Managers.  This experience introduced Andrew, and reconnected Connor, to two individuals who were the brains behind the operation.  Putting together a weekend of meetings and events to entertain over 8o college students is no easy task, but you would never get that feeling after watching these two work together. It was pretty unreal seeing the foundation of an entire semester’s worth of events, activations and brand building laid out in a single weekend. 

Enough said about the training, yes, it was super well planned, and also productive, but the nightly activities offered the crew a time to interact, network and let loose (emphasis on letting loose).  After a night of filming an 80’s aerobics class, no holds barred dance battle and (of-age) college students indulging in Red Bull adult beverages, we felt like we had somehow cheated the system. Yes, we were “working,” in a sense. But sitting on a couch at Red Bull HQ at 11:30pm, drinking beers and dumping footage onto the computer, Connor said, “I feel guilty that this is our job.” Guilty? Maybe a little. But humbled…without a doubt.

The simple truth is this: we’ve been blessed and fortunate to establish a company that allows us to do what we love.  It doesn’t happen overnight, sometimes it takes longer than you can predict, but we can guarantee that every moment, every single bit of your foreword, will enhance the story you someday write. We’ve worked hard over the last few years to create this work/life balance, and there is undoubtedly far more to be done. But we’re confident that our relationship with Red Bull will be a huge part of that story, and we are so thankful for the friends we’ve made and experiences we’ve had along the way.

Remember, nothing can take the place of passion in your life. And when you can channel that passion, when you can learn how to harness that energy, it will become momentum, an impetus, it will move you foreword, just like it’s moved us.