#MovingForeword 9 - JO35

Written for: Bridgewater Men's Lacrosse

One year ago today, the world lost a man, a family lost a son and a team lost a brother.  I had just landed at BWI from an incredible weekend trip to Boston College to see a long time friend.  As soon as I turned my phone off of airplane mode I received countless texts all more confusing than the last.  I finally was able to catch up on the thread only to realize that I wish I hadn’t.  I froze on the plane, couldn’t get myself to stand up.  A phone call to my Coach finally set things into place, a brother was gone. 

Our team philosophy preached the subject of family; it was the foundation of our program and something that every player on our team took to heart.  Being a family was the backbone of this program and it will continue to be for the rest of it's existence.  Sure, it’s hard to get to know and be close with upwards of fifty college kids at one time, but there is zero doubt in my mind that we didn’t all have each other backs in any situation on or off the field.  The brotherhood of this team was established four years ago with the first recruiting class and has since grown every year with the addition of new teammates.  It was no different with last year’s freshman class as we all got to know each other; we all considered each other brothers. 

In the past four years, the Bridgewater Men’s lacrosse team has faced a lot of adversity, like being apart of one of the NCAA DIII’s toughest conferences as a first year team.  We knew what it was like to get beat up from time to time; however, looking back now those losses seemed like wins compared to the feeling of losing a brother.  Our sense of community and family grew a lot over that season and as a team we learned a lot about ourselves.  These are the times that you are truly tested in life and in faith.  Our mission now was to remember our brother in everything we did, to not take life or any day for granted, to work hard for ourselves and to work hard for each other.  Our family was missing was something on the field, but we gained a lot in our hearts.

October 25th was a day for mourning, now it is a day for remembrance.  Josh Olshaw, we miss you buddy. Thanks for being our teammate, but more importantly, our brother.