#MovingForeword 7 - Feast of the Arrow

Written by: Zach Pomeroy

Feast of the Arrow

To be a person is to have a story to tell.

-Isak Dinesen


My name is Zach Pomeroy and this is my Foreword. 

Over the past two years, much of the momentum in my life centers itself around the tension caused by vulnerability. These sacred, fragile moments that expose us happen to be the most authentic catalyst for the future. Our culture has sold us the false narrative that our worth is defined by our perfection. As I have sought to pursue the most tense moments in my life, I have found a much richer way to live. The only caveat being: we must be willing to gather around the stories of deep brokenness long enough to restore dignity and beckon redemption to come.

Consider a bow and arrow used by the indigenous hunters of America. What caused the arrow to fly forward with great precision and speed? Without the taut tension of the bow, the arrow would be useless. As my life has mirrored much of this same tension, I have learned to trust that the outcome of these moments will surpass their temporary pressure. 

One of my most recent projects has truly been launched out of the harshest tension I have faced in my life. As I have grappled with the stillness of life, moments before the arrow launches forward, I became keenly aware of my surroundings. In the height of this tension, I pondered how to create a space to tell the hidden, incomplete stories around me. I gathered my closest friends and I got to work capturing these people in their most authentic and raw element.

Instead of giving in to the insatiable push toward the newest equipment, I dusted off my dad’s old 35mm film camera. From the lens of this camera, I was able to read the depth of each subject. I built a relationship with a local artist who could hand-develop the black and white film. I began to piece each story together in a way that restored dignity and ushered in redemption.

In the midst of my tension, I became hypersensitive to the subtleties that we attempt to hide in our culture for fear of missing the mark of perfection.

In many ways, the tension in my life has not subsided. But with each new story, I became less consumed with the angst of my own brokenness. One thing is for certain, the more tense my surrounding environments become, the more I will lean into these moments with great anticipation. I am confident that the the indigenous hunters of America never mourned the tension of the bow when they celebrated the bountiful feast of the arrow. 

Should I happen to catch just a subtle glimpse of tension in the beautiful journey of your life, it may happen to find its home in the most honoring and healing of ways at www.laflecha.cc.

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