The unbelievable people and companies we have met on our journey have all become our friends. Here are a few:


Red Bull


Some of our closest friends come from the Red Bull family. We work closely with Consumer Collecting, Sales & Distribution, Internal Communications, and Sports Marketing teams to develop and produce content that fits their needs.  Red Bull encapsulates our passion for high energy and fun loving people eager for anything life has to offer.  Projects include content for marketing campaigns, story clips for event recaps and internal news broadcasts.




Crossmedia is an independent full service communications planning and media services agency with offices in NYC, Philadelphia, LA and international offices in Germany.  Their transparency is what separates them from other agencies. After helping to create a client reel for a business pitch back in 2016, XM invited us to NYC to help share the XM story and where the vision of the company is taking them. Other projects include recruitment tools for new employees and a recap/year in review video for 2016. 



Charity Choice



Charity Choice Invitational is the brainchild of Sandy Flores, the altruistic owner of Emerald City Gymnastics Academy in Redmond, WA. The staff and gymnasts decided they wanted to do something that gave back to their community and the world. They poured countless hours into developing a competition format that donated every penny to worthwhile nonprofits. Each year, we create, implement and execute a unique and diverse content marketing plan that stretches from newsroom stories and event highlights to social media assets and contribution campaigns. 


Harlem Lacrosse


Harlem Lacrosse is a non-profit organization that aims to help inner city kids develop in all facets of life by giving them multiple opportunities to succeed both on the lacrosse field and off.  We have been fortunate enough to work closely with the organization and the amazing kids that they help.  Our past projects include photographing and filming team events, creating social media assets and producing a Foreword video that shows the origins and the progress the organization has experienced.


Rebel Labs



Rebel Labs is a digital health technology and media company that is hellbent on wiping out obesity and type 2 diabetes, by empowering people to make a meaningful and lasting impact on their health and wellness through community, content, and commerce.





Operation Gratitude has delivered more than 2.1 million Care Packages filled with items donated by grateful Americans and service-friendly companies that want to express their support for Heroes serving overseas and here at home. This is an incredible team of people that have such a large impact on our military forces.



We are putting an end to blighted walls and fixtures all over the world by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, and instilling community pride. Our work includes various social clips, full length instructional videos and a DIY website build out.